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Paolo raises the flag

How much water do you need on a walk? It’s really good to know. I’ve seen a lot of articles and guidebooks say “take enough water for the walk”, but how much is enough?

We were in Siena, Italy by good fortune on the day of the Palio and planned to spend the day enjoying the activities and the spectacle. It was hot and we had our water bottles. Knowing that we could find water or liquid refreshments close by made it easy.

But what happens when you’re out on the track and it’s a hot day and you are guzzling water like there’s no tomorrow? Well, once due to a slight miscalculation I found out that I need to take 2 litres with me. I used to take 600 mls, but always ran out.

The official standard is 1 litre for every 2 hours of walking. How much do you take with you? Back to Siena – we had a lot of coffee as well, enjoyed the Palio and did not run out of water.

Any ideas?

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