Lose weight? – not necessarily.

Impressive chalk cliffs at Burling Gap on the South Downs Way Follow Me on Pinterest

Impressive chalk cliffs at Burling Gap on the South Downs Way

Some of us, including me, always think that we will lose weight if we walk. In general this is true. However, if our food intake increases when we go on multiday walks, then it’s not a given. Like the erosion of the chalk cliffs at Burling Gap, weight loss can take time; you need exercise and no additional food.

Most long distance walks that I’ve done have not resulted in any weight loss, because the food has been great, and I think that the enjoyment of the walking journey is a higher priority than weight loss. Still, remember that all movement is exercise and that walking is one of the best exercises. I’ve found that using a pedometer helps with weight maintenance. 10,000 steps a day is the recommended daily amount that will keep you physically healthy. Try a pedometer. More about these critters later in the Walking Gear section.

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