Overland Track, Tasmania – Classic Walks Itinerary

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The view of Dove Lake from the Overland Track

Overland track: Itinerary:

Tasmania’s Overland track Walk is a 73 km route that takes walkers across some of Tasmania’s pristine wilderness areas. Much of the track is along valleys and includes some climbs. Weather can be variable, even in summer. A wonderful walking holiday.

The walk can be done in as little as 6 days, but for a more pleasurable walking experience 7 days is recommended.  In planning an itinerary, some of the considerations in determining the distance for each day should include the type of terrain, the accommodation, weather, time of year and how fit one is.

The following is an outline of the 7-day walk itinerary that we chose.  We decided to walk the track as independent walkers. You can also go on guided groups.

Begin at: Cradle Mountain Lodge in the Cradle Mountain National Park.
How to get there: Take a bus the 120 km from Launceston.

Walking itinerary:

Day 1.  To Waterfall  Hut  (11km) 5hrs
We climb onto the alpine plateau with views of Dove and Crater Lakes. Then walk below the spires of Cradle Mountain. Afternoon we walk the rim of the glacial cirque before passing through Waterfall Valley.

Day 2.  Windermere Hut  (7km) 2.5hrs
We cross the sedgeland moors, and pass many glacial tarns on the way to Lake Windermere. Windermere Hut is just a little further along.

Day 3.  Pelion Hut  (14km) 6hrs
In the afternoon we see great views of the Lemonthyme Forests from the Forth Valley lookout. Mainly through rainforest. Then to Frog Flats at the headwaters to the Forth River. The final section of the day’s walk is on to the Pelion Plains where Pelion Hut is located.

Day 4.  Kia Ora Hut  (8km) 3hrs

The South-West wilderness area is seen from Pelion Gap, and from here we can climb Mt. Ossa (Tasmania’s highest peak). Afternoon walk to Kia Ora Hut located below Cathedral Mountain.

Day 5.  Windy Ridge Hut  (9km) 3.5hrs
We visit the historic Du Cane Hut. Then we meander along the Mersey River  and visit a series of waterfalls including the D’Alton, Fergusson and Hartnett Falls. We walk through amazing myrtle forests to Windy Ridge Hut.

Day 6.  Narcissus Hut  (10km) 3hrs
We walk through superb eucalyptus forest to arrive at Narcissus Hut.

Day 7.  Cynthia Bay  (16km) 5.5hrs  – your destination! 
On this last day we can either walk along the lakeshore or take the ferry – a pleasant option.

How to get back from Cynthia Bay: At Cynthia Bay, transfer to Derwent Bridge and return by bus the 160 km to Launceston.

Our Take: The Overland Track is an iconic Australian walk. You get to journey through a pristine wilderness region, which has been suitably managed to support walkers. Make sure you take appropriate cold and wet weather gear. And if you have the time and energy, there are some mountains to summit as well.

See the Overland Track information for walkers here

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