A Significant Archaeological find in the Eternal City – Rome, Italy

Archaeologists, probing the depths of the Eternal City, have made a very significant discovery. A sixth-century copper factory, medieval kitchens stocked with pots and pans and remains of Renaissance palaces are among the finds at Piazza Venezia and near the ancient Victor Emmanuel Monument, Piazza VeneziaForum.  Over the past nine months, archaeologists have discovered several ancient structures during works to pave the way for one of the 30 stations of Rome’s third subway line.  This current discovery however is very important due to the extreme rarity of the pots and pans.  Piazza Venezia’s famous landmark is the Victor Emmanuel Monument.

Ancient Forum, RomeOfficials believe there may be more discoveries along the way and this may spark disputes between planners and conservationists. They indicated that it is not uncommon for unscrupulous developers to fail to report a find and plow through ancient treasures.  This is really tragic and perhaps the only solutin to stop this is to post rewards for people to report such illegal activities and impose crippling fines for those who are caught out.

Yes, the citizens of Rome deserve better public transport, but not at the expense of destroying their ancient heritage and the revenue that they get from millions of tourists who come to the External City to enjoy its thousands of years of history.

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