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How To Pack For International Travel Report"Packing For Your Trip Needn't Be A Hassle!"

Valuable tips on
what to pack and
how to pack it in this comprehensive Report.

Vacations are great, but one of tasks everyone dreads is getting packed before you go, and if you're on a tour to various destinations, packing and unpacking at each stop.

It sounds simple, really. I mean, it’s only two or three weeks, how hard can it be to survive that OK? Just throw a few things in a case, add a guidebook and camera and away you go, no problems!

Unfortunately, for most of us, it’s not that easy.

As owners of a travel website, and with Tony a travel journalist and professional photographer, we've spent quite a bit of time on the road, both in Europe and elsewhere in the world. Believe us when we say we've learnt the hard way that you can avoid a lot of grief (and save a lot of time) by taking the right stuff and packing in a systematic manner.

But help is at hand!

This Report is packed with information and how-to-do-it photos on what to take, and how to pack it,including

Preparing For The Trip
What Not To Pack
Getting Your Clothing Together
Getting Your Toiletries Together
Choosing and Packing Luggage
How To Pack Your Checked Bag
How To Pack Your Carry-On
Packing Lists For Europe for Men and Women

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Don't let your packing become a struggle that spoils your holiday.

Packing needn't be a hassle.

And this information-packed, down-to-earth Report tells and shows you to how to make light of it. Easy-peasy!

You too can be a SuperPacker (if we can learn, anybody can)! 


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