Don't let illness spoil your holiday abroad:

Beat the Bugs Guide on Staying Healthy on Your Trip to Europe"Beat the Bugs and Stay Healthy on Your Trip to Europe!"

Stay healthy on your vacation with these valuable tips in this comprehensive Report.

Vacations are great, but sadly illness can spoil the most exciting trip and ruin your holiday experience. Beat the bugs with this comprehensive Report on what to do before you go, what you need to take with you, and what to watch out for on your trip. And we also tell you what you can do if you do get ill.

From beating jet lag, DVT and motion sickness to combating stomach problems, treating chest infections and patching up blisters; from dealing with animal and insect bites to preventing (and repairing) sun damage and altitude sickness; from women's health and travelling with pregnancy to facts about hepatitis and vaccinations; you name it, we've probably covered it as far as staying healthy in Europe is concerned. That includes special comments about Eastern Europe too (and toilet facilities there!).

And we also cover what to do and where to get help if you need it ( hint: your first stop is not usually a doctor...)

As owners of a travel website, and with Tony a travel journalist and professional photographer, we've spent quite a bit of time on the road, both in Europe and elsewhere in the world. Trust us, we've travelled ill and we've travelled healthy, and healthy is better!

An ounce of prevention is worth a kilo of cure!

"Beat the" Bugs Guide on Staying Healthy on Your Trip to Europe
This Report is packed with information on pre-trip preparation, what to take with you (and what not to take), staying healthy on your trip and what to do if you get ill. Topics we cover include

Preparing For The Trip: check-ups, immunisations, fitness
What medicines and health-related things to take with you
Air travel and health: jet lag, DVT
While you're away: precautions you can take to beat the bugs
Ilnesses you might get and how to treat them, like traveller's diarrhoea, cold and chest infections, motion sickness, hepatitis, altitude sickness
Injuries you might get and how to treat them, like insect and animal bites, blisters, heat exhaustion, sunburn
Medical problems and emergencies
Eastern Europe considerations
Women's health
Travelling while pregnant
Disabled travellers

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Stop illness or injury spoiling your holiday enjoyment.

Don't let the bugs lay you low. Read this Report and stay healthy on your trip to Europe.

This information-packed, down-to-earth Report gives you the information you need to make sure your vacation is health-problem free, and keep you fit and well on your travels!


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