Things to do in Vienna – European River Cruise

Vienna is a place where public transport is easy to use and if you had a few days here, the Vienna card is really handy and cost effective. For Euro 18.50, you get 72 hours of unlimited travel on the bus, tram and underground and discounts and benefits at Prater Park210 museums and sights, theaters, concerts, shops, restaurants, cafés and Heurigen (wine taverns).  Being a film buff, Tony of course wanted to visit Prater Park to trace the footsteps of The Third Man, so we hopped on a train to get there.

 The Riesenrad, a huge late 19th-century ferris wheel in the Prater Park, is a Viennese instituion and a site closely associated with ”The Third Man.” In the movie, it looms out of a desolate wasteland, an ironic symbol of an innocent world that has been destroyed. Holly Martins arranges to meet Harry Lime, who made a fortune on the black market.  While we were at the highest point, Tony tried to re-enact a scene in the movie, but he got the story a little muddled up.  Nevertheless, it was fun being up there with the great panoramic views. As a fun park, I thought Prater looked a little tired and after the ferris wheel ride, we headed back to Stephansplatz.

Vienna StadtparkAfter the Prater Park, another Viennese institution is its coffee houses and the heurigers or wine taverns.   As we walked around Stephanplatz and Alexanderplatz there were numerous coffee shops with great window displays filled with the richest looking cakes and pastries.  It was so tempting and we had to resist being drawn into those caverns of indulgence.  There was so much to see and we couldn’t afford to let those calorie ladened cakes slow us down.

For those who enjoy the Imperial side of Vienna, you could trace the footsteps of the Hapsbergs, visit the Imperial Palace or Marchfelderhof Restaurant Schonbrunn Palace.  A walk around Vienna Stadtpark is also very enjoyable.

For the evening we’ve been to the Marchfelderhof Restaurant on a couple of occasions and on each occasion have enjoyed this unusually kitschly decorated restaurant.  The toilets are something else altogether – you’ve got to see them to believe it.


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