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Small it may be, but Portugal is a country that’s packed with everything that holidaymakers from the northern hemisphere seek. With the advent of cheap flights and charter flights, this sun-drenched Mediterranean country is easy to get to, and the sunny, sandy beaches of The Algarve are a big drawcard for people who want to have a relaxing couple of weeks in the sun.   Portugal is also home to Fatima, one of the most visited Marian shrines in the world today,  and millions of Catholics from around the world visit each year.

It helps too that Portugal is among the cheapest places to visit in the euro-zone, especially if you avoid Lisbon and the fancier resorts. A cup of espresso coffee costs about €0.70 at the cafe counter, so that’s me won over and a Heineken beer costs about €1.10.  British sun-seekers who used to flock to Spain are finding Portugal a cheaper alternative. Then, there’s all that port and wine that Portugal produces … dare we ask for more!

There’s a lot to do in Portugal.  A country that’s both modern and steeped in tradition at the same time, there are festivities and events of all sorts throughout the year.   If you’d like to experience the medieval times, you could join the festivities at the castle of Castro Marim which plays host to kings and queens, knights in shining armour, jesters, buffoons, noblemen and ladies, as the entire Court re-lives history.  Alternatively, you may prefer to journey along two traditional wine routes in central Portugal, where the River Dão runs between mountains to coastal lagoons and sandy shores.

The Portuguese are of course sports crazy people and if you’re keen on soccer, motor racing, golf, or any other sports for that matter, you’ll make friends very easily here.  Would you believe that this small country has 70 golf courses!

In our posts below, we’ve included information on tour routes, what to eat, information on shopping and other useful facts.

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