Livadia (White) Palace, Yalta

The grand Livadia Palace was created as a summer palace for Tsar Nikolas II. It was designed in the Italian Renaissance style by architect N. Krasnov (1864 - 1939).

Livadia was built on the site of the old palace and took seventeen months to build (from April 1910 - September 1911). Modern technologies were used to build the palace. No expenses were spared and besides Inkerman stone, the architect used all kinds of expensive material to create this beautiful White Palace. Its main entrance was designed in the form of a protruded portico and decorated with Carrera marble. The other portico was built in Arabian style and both are in their original form.

The Livadia Palace is of course known for a significant and historic event of the Second World War which took place here - the Yalta Conference.

This gallery holds pictures of the ground floor rooms where the Yalta Conference was held, as well as the first floor rooms with portraits of Tsar Nikolas II and his family, the Palace grounds and the Romanov family chapel.

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