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See zoomable maps and satellite photographs from 40 countries in the wider European area to help plan your trip.

Maps of 40 European Countries

Zoomable, printable maps of European countries

See zoomable Google maps and satellite photographs and get the information here you need about any of these 40 European countries:

Austria Austria Belgium Belgium Bulgaria Bulgaria Croatia (Hrvatska) Croatia
Cyprus Cyprus Czech Republic Czech Republic Denmark Denmark England England
Estonia Estonia Finland Finland France France Germany Germany
Greece Greece Hungary Hungary Iceland Iceland Ireland (Eire) Ireland
Italy Italy Latvia Latvia Lithuania Lithuania Luxembourg Luxembourg
Macedonia Macedonia Malta Malta Monaco Monaco Montenegro Montenegro
Netherlands Netherlands Norway Norway Poland Poland Portugal Portugal
Romania Romania Russia Russia San Marino San Marino Scotland Scotland
Serbia Serbia Slovakia Slovakia Slovenia Slovenia Spain (Espana) Spain
Sweden Sweden Switzerland Switzerland Turkey Turkey Ukraine Ukraine

And if you're interested in European weather:

Get the weather and climate information you need to choose when to go to any of 40 European countries on this page: EUROPEAN WEATHER