Londonskaya Hotel - Odessa

Lobby of Londonskaya Hotel Londonskaya Hotel, built in 1826, is Odessa's most famous hotel. Located on Primorsky Boulevard, it faces the port area and is within striking distance of many tourist attractions.

The hotel has a beautiful staircase and the grand chandeliers in the lobby are reminders of the old world charm of the hotel. During its glory days, Londonskaya Hotel played host to famous artists, ballerinas and influential writers. Its guest list included famous personalities from the Ukraine and all over the world including Anton Chekhov, Marcello Mastroianni, Louis Aragon, Robert Louis Stevenson, Isidora Duncan, to name a few. According to the hotel’s literature, Londonskaya has also played host to many presidents of nations.

The casino seems to be its star attraction these days and it has just advertised free Wi-Fi internet access.

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