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Reach travellers to Europe when they’re deciding on and planning their trips

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Travelsignposts targets Europe!

Travelsignposts is an established and expanding travel planning site covering Europe and the Mediterranean. We serve a growing audience of travel product buyers, mostly in North America and the UK, with strong representation in Australia.

Organized by country with separate Paris, London and Venice sections, we also have an extensive photo gallery containing over 37,000 images covering a wide range of tourist destinations.

Founded and still run by professional photographer and writer Tony Page and his wife Helen, our editorial content extends to the whole of Europe (including Eastern Europe) and the Mediterranean, with a mix of practical planning information, destination tourist attractions, event news and cultural activities. Our photo gallery has over 37,000 photographs of tourist destinations in 35 countries and we add thousands of photos every year.

Our Target Market

We designed the Travelsignposts website to help people who are thinking of taking a vacation in Europe – either on their own, touring by coach or river cruise, or in a mixture of different ways – decide where they want to go, and plan and book their trip.

People like our site because we’ve actually been to and photographed nearly all the places we talk about. We provide our readers with useful background information to help them decide on their destinations and more than 37,000 photos to give them an idea of what the places are really like. Travelsignposts is already quite comprehensive, and more importantly, all the information is gathered conveniently together on one site.

Our users are looking to buy travel to Europe

The people who use our site are specifically looking for information on travel destinations they want to visit in Europe and the means by which they can do so. They’re looking for places they can spend their vacations – and spend their money. And since travel to Europe is relatively expensive for those living outside the continent, it follows that many of these readers are likely to have high disposable incomes or the funds to allow them to finance their travels.

(This "self-selection" is important. More than 80 percent of Americans have never obtained a passport and the odds are they never will, so if you’re in the business of selling travel to and in Europe to people in the USA, you need to target the 20 percent (or under) who are actually going to travel)

Result? Your advertising dollar on our site punches above its weight, and reaches more of the people you’re targeting.

Our future plans mean ongoing growth:

We’re continually adding new material to Travelsignposts (our travel research budget runs well into five figures annually), and over the coming months we’ll be expanding our European coverage by introducing new contributors to help spread the workload. We intend to incorporate video into the site (we’ve already shot some footage in Europe) and a revamped site navigation will help users access our wide range of content more easily. We think our site looks pretty good, and your company’s image can only benefit from being seen on our pages – that’s our intention, anyway!

Advertising – what we offer and how to work with us.

We offer you two ways to advertise on our site,

1) Display advertising via our Google Ad Server

2) Via Google AdWords advertising by choosing to place ads on the AdSense units on our site.


Display Advertising

We’re offering standard time-based ad units at the moment.

Rates and Specifications:

Travelsignposts ROS ad units728×90 Leaderboard ATF
Leaderboard centred at top of page (whole site excluding gallery and legacy pages)
$400 monthly
(3 spots in rotation)
300×250 Right Sidebar ATF
Medium rectangle in right sidebar above the fold (whole site excluding gallery and legacy pages)
$400 monthly
(3 spots in rotation)
Travelsignposts Gallery Album Ad Units728×90 Gallery Leaderboard BTF
Leaderboard centred below the image(s) on every page in the Gallery
$300 monthly
Travelsignposts Legacy Pages Ad Unit728×90 Leaderboard ATF (legacy pages)
Leaderboard centred below top navigation above the fold on legacy pages (Paris, Venice, some England). Book this with other Leaderboards to cover whole site.
$150 monthly
(3 spots in rotation)

Google Adsense

We also offer the opportunity to advertise on our site via Google AdSense advertising. This is mainly limited to text formats, and there are two ways you can do this:

  • Placement targeted ads, which run only on sites that you select. In this case, you would target Travel Signposts on Google’s Content Network using their placement tool.
  • Contextual targeted ads, which are matched to the content of each page.

You can choose to pay only when someone clicks on your ad – cost per click (CPC)
or when it is shown – cost per thousand impressions (CPM).

For more information about Google AdSense ads, visit Google AdWords.