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Getting around Paris by Bus

Using Paris buses Paris bus logo

Bus stops Paris bus logo are identified in the street by bus shelters or poles giving the name of the bus stop and the various buses stopping there. The bus route, frequency and the times of first and last bus are also shown, together with a map of the district indicating the other stops in the area and the nearest place to buy tickets. Certain lines are equipped with a screen indicating the time of the next two bus arrivals. Smaller stops simply have a pole with bus numbers.

When the bus you want arrives, don't forget to wave it down or it might not stop: many stops service multiple lines and routes. You have to enter by the front door and exit by the back one (except in articulated buses where you can entry and exit via all doors).

Regular buses accept "T" tickets the same as the métro, so your best bet is to buy a carnet of 10 tickets for €10.70 at any métro station, or you can buy a single ticket on from the driver on board (try and have the right change!) for €1.40.

When you get on the bus, you either insert your ticket into the bus ticket validator or show the driver your Mobilis, Carte Orange, Paris Visite etc. season ticket (card/coupon). If you've got the right season ticket you can validate it by waving it over the purple target area on a different bus ticket processor.

Important: DO NOT try to validate your Mobilis or other season ticket in the ordinary validation machines on the buses, you'll stuff it up - just show the ticket to the driver.

You can follow your journey on the line map displayed inside the vehicle. Certain lines are equipped with a PA system indicating stops and a screen indicating the next stop, arrival times at major stops and at the terminus.

When you want to get off the bus, you press one of the red buttons located on the vertical safety bar. The "Arrêt Demandé" (Stop Requested) sign lights up - if it's already lit the bus is already stopping. The door opens automatically, except in articulated (bendy) buses, where you have to press the green button next to the doors to open them. A street map of the district is displayed at the bus stop to help you orientate yourself once you've alighted.


You can use the following tickets to travel on the buses; details about what they entitle you to and buying them can be found on our Paris Transport Tickets page

Paris Visite ticket Paris VisiteDetails here

Ticket TTicket T logo Details here

With the ordinary "t" ticket, you can travel on:

  • The whole metro network
  • The RER (RATP and SNCF) within Paris
  • The RATP buses in Paris its suburbs
  • The Optile network, which gathers together private bus companies located in the greater suburbs area

Mobilis ticket Mobilis Details here

Carte OrangeCarte Orange Details here

The Montmartre Funiculaire

You can use the Montmarte Funiculaire with a ticket t "Metro, bus, Tram, RER-Paris". This allows you to take a one-way trip (up or down).

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