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Paris: Museums and Galleries

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The first thing you need to know about Paris Museums and Galleries is where to buy a Paris Museum Pass. This is indispensible unless you have a liking for queues.
This pass (formerly the Carte Musées et Monuments) offers free access (without waiting) and unlimited visits to the permanent collections of over 60 museums and monuments, including the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, and the Arc de Triomphe.

The new pass is offered in 2-day (39€), 4-days (54€), and 6-day (69€) versions. It’s sold at all of the participating museums and monuments, the Paris tourism office, the Espace de Tourisme Ile de France, and FNAC stores. It does not cover transportation (but see Paris Pass below), but is an excellent buy if you have a few days in Paris. There’s no use-by date, so you can buy it in advance and it won’t start running till your first visit.

Information in Paris: tel. 08 92 68 30 00.
More details (and get one posted to you): Paris Museum Pass website

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If you want an integrated transport and museum sightseeing pass, then the Paris Pass is the one to get. The Paris Pass provides free transport on the bus and metro as well as free entry into over 60 sights and attractions. You can get more details and buy your Paris Pass here.

Major Paris Museums and Galleries

On the next two pages (Major Paris museums and galleries 1 and 2) you can find brief descriptions of major museums and galleries in Paris, their opening hours, admission fees and how to get to them.

Then we’ve collected something special for you: 20 unusual and noteworthy museums and exhibitions to visit in Paris if you feel the need for something a little (in some cases, a lot) different!

Finally, there’s a Paris Museums and Galleries websites list for your quick reference.

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