Franz Liszt – 200th Birthday Anniversary in 2011

In 2011, Germany turns the spotlight on Franz Liszt, world-famous composer, pianist and conductor. Born on October 22, 1811, 2011 is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Liszt, one of the great composers of the 19th century.  Numerous classical music festivals and events are being planned around Germany to celebrate this milestone birthday anniversary.

Visitors to Germany can look forward to enjoying music by Franz Liszt in many of the towns where he visited, performed or lived.
Liszt’s years in Weimar were his most prolific and the influence of his work was also felt in other Thuringian towns, most notably Sondershausen, Meiningen and Eisenach.  So, celebrations for this exceptional musician will be taking place throughout Thuringia in 2011. Dresden and Bayreuth are two other cities who are preparing for numerous concerts to commemorate this great composer.

With so many events planned, “Lisztomannia” may take a grip on Liszt music lovers again.

Ferenc Liszt was actually born in Hungary, so the Hungarians will also be celebrating the birthday anniversary of their Hungarian composer.  During his lifetime, Liszt travelled extensively to cities like Paris, Rome, and Budapest and no doubt there will be many Liszt music events in many other European capitals as well.

Keep tuned in for more on Liszt events being planned.  Meanwhile, here are some of the Liszt concerts that currently available.

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