2011 is a "Blue Year" in Munich and Upper Bavaria

Visitors to Munich and Upper Bavaria in 2011 will notice a certain tinge of blue all over the place. No, it’s not the result of the cold snap!

2011 is the year with two big anniversaries featuring the royal hue:

  • It‘s 125 years since the death of King Ludwig II, known for his fairytale castles, most famous of which is Schloss Neuschwanstein.  King Ludwig’s favourite colour was blue.
  • And, it‘s 100 years since Der Blaue Reiter (The Blue Rider) movement was founded by artists living in Munich who wanted to tread new paths in art.

Neuschwanstein Feeling Blue

To celebrate these two major anniversaries, the city of Munich is hosting “Blue Year” in collaboration with towns and cultural institutions in Upper Bavaria.

The Blue theme will be brought to life in a series of exhibitions, guided tours, celebrations, concerts and readings.

New for Blue Year 2011 is a ‘blue box’ of exhibition vouchers, guided tours and a two-night break in Munich or an Upper Bavarian town devoting itself to the Blue Year theme.  I wonder if Oktoberfest will have a blue beer?

Stay tuned for more Blue news!   Meanwhile, I got a bit carried away and painted Schloss Neuschwanstein blue.

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