Visit SEA LIFE Oberhausen – Home of Paul the Octopus

Paul the Psychic Octopus, who correctly predicted the results at the FIFA World Cup 2010, has catapulted SEA LIFE Oberhausen to worldwide fame.  But the Oberhausen sea life centre has much more to offer than just soccer foresight. It offers a journey of discovery focused on the world beneath the sea.

At SEA LIFE Oberhausen there are more than 20,000 marine animals in over 50 huge tanks. The much-loved ‘tropical ocean’ contains 1.5 million litres of water and its walk-through plexiglass tunnel puts visitors at close encounters with sharks, green sea turtles and other colourful sea life.

The current themed exhibition, entitled Amazonas, is devoted to the leafy depths of the Amazonian jungle. Blue poison-dart frogs, spiny catfish and piranhas are recent arrivals at SEA LIFE Oberhausen. The show features a multitude of tropical fishes and provides lots of information about this partly unexplored ecosystem, the creatures that inhabit it and how these can be protected.

Perhaps the seaworld’s most remarkable representative is the electric eel, which can give shocks of up to 800 volts. Thankfully, it’s possible to experience the phenomenon without the pain. The electricity generated by the eel is measured by an oscilloscope and then displayed on a monitor.

As for Paul the oracle octopus, it seems that Paul is retiring from the international stage of soccer predictions and is resuming his normal life of entertaining kids at the sea life park.

SEA LIFE Deutschland GmbH
Niederl, Oberhausen
Zum Aquarium 1
46047 Oberhausen

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