Sightsleeping ® Hotels – More than a Base for the Night

If you want a hotel in Bavaria that is more than just a place to sleep, Sightsleeping ® Hotels is a hotel branding you may be interested in.

Sightsleeping ® Hotels is an initiative of Bayern Tourismus Marketing GmbH. The aim of this brand is to bring together exclusive establishments that are not just places to sleep for travellers – the hotels are themselves sights that are worth seeing.

Establishments that may qualify for the Sightsleeping ® Hotels trade mark could be hotels that are set in old castles or palaces, contemporary hotels with remarkable design or hotels in amazing settings.  The establishments have to apply for the Sightsleeping ® Hotels designation and all applications are reviewed by a panel of independent experts from the fields of art, travel, journalism and cultural marketing.

As of 1 January 2011 there are thirty-four Sightsleeping ® Hotels and the latest six leading hotels in Bavaria to receive this designation include:

So, if you see a hotel with this logo, you know you’re in good hands. To see the entire list of Sightsleeping ® Hotels, check their website on

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More info from:
Bayern Tourismus Marketing GmbH
Leopoldstrasse 146
80804 Munich

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