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Transport in Athens has improved amazingly since the 2004 Athens Olympics.  There is a good bus network, metro, suburban railway Monastiraki Metro, Athensand trains and the fares are very reasonable.

Airport Service, Athens Metro, AthensA few years ago, when we were going to the islands, we caught the metro from Monastiraki to Piraeus and the route was a very limited north south schedule.  Monastiraki itself was a huge mess with gapping holes in the ground as the metro construction was in progress.  This has now been completed and apart from the swish stations, the network is vastly expanded.  There’s now a line that goes all the way to their El Venizelos International Airport.  So if you’re coming in from the airport and intending to get to the islands, it’s as simple as catching Metro Line 3 and then changing for Athens Metro, AthensLine 1 at Monastiraki.  This takes you to the port of Piraeus where you can choose whichever shipping line you wish to travel with — very usually it’s the one that’s departing first!

The metro and tram map shows you how to get to the various places of interest.  It’s really great when you return to a place and find that the transport has improved, making travelling easier for the tourist.  Well done Athens!


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