Things to See in Athens – The Ancient Agora

The Agora was one of the most important places of the ancient city of Athens. Apart from being the market place where people Ancient Agora, Athens, Greececame to trade all kinds of goods, it was also a focal point for the city’s civic affairs. People also came here to discuss business, politics, current affairs or to socialize.

Ancient AgoraThe Agora of course went through several tranformations during the various occupations. It was developed into a center of the Athenian government in the 6th century BC by Peisistratus. He also built a new drainage system, beautiful fountains and the Agora’s first temple to honour the Olympian Gods. When Cimon took over, he added trees and a series of new buildings to the Agora. By the 5th century BC, other temples had been built to honor Zeus, Apollo and Hephaestus.

Temple of Hephaestus, Ancient Agora, AthensBy the 2nd century BC, the Agora had developed into an impressive rectangular layout, however this was then damaged by the Persians. During Roman and Byzanine times, the ancient Agora was turned back into a residential area. Over time, the significance of the Agora faded away. Today, you can wander around the site and visualize what this place was like during ancient times.


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