Cooking classes in Tuscany, Florence

Food Glorious Food, that’s the motto of David Jones’ Food Court.  The Food Court is my second home, so I am able to vouch for the glorious food that’s available there.  However, in spite of the availability of great Pasta dishfresh produce and other ingredients, my cooking tends not to be adventurous and whenever I see any recipe that requires more than a handful of ingredients, I give it the flick.

Time is of the essence – if, like me, you have a full time job and don’t have time to hunt around for supplies and then to experiment with the recipe a few times till it’s perfect, then it’s natural to stick to safer options.  This leads me to think that maybe doing a cooking class might be an idea.

Spaghetti vongoleAs I love pastas and Italian cuisine in general, Tuscany springs to mind and more specifically the Chianti Classico region.  Many would know that this is the region that grows the famous sangiovese grapes, which when blended with Canaiolo, Trebbiano and Malvasia, gives the Chianti wine.  Wouldn’t it be fabulous to learn a dish from a place that you’re visiting, especially one that is noted for its cuisine.  Fancy going to the markets in the morning with a resident expert and learning how to select produce and buying the relevant spices.

Seafood Risotto Making your own gnocchi or rolling and cutting your own pasta sounds like fun, as is making your own pizza.  And even if I don’t end up making my own pasta at home, learning how to make good pasta sources alone would be absolutely rewarding. The sauces that I’ve tried cooking at home always seem to lack that certain Italian flavour and texture and it would great to learn it from someone who could show you the correct way, the first time around.

So instead of showing off dust-collecting souvenirs, it would be cool to say to your dinner guests “I learnt this wild mushroom ragout source whilst we were at Villa Pandolfini in Tuscany” or “Bologna is famous for this la sfoglia pasta so we decided to learn to make it whilst we were there”, etc. etc.


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