Venice Carnevale 2010

Venice Carnevale 2010 kicks off on Saturday, February 6th and goes on right through to February 16th. Under the theme ‘Sensation: 6 Senses for 6 Siesteri’, there are daily events in San Marco, Cannaregio, Castello, San Polo, Santa Croce and Isole.

A few of the major Day One events include:

  • Hot Chocolate in Costume
    Enjoy hot chocolate, cakes and sweets in the magnificent lounge of the Hotel Danieli, originally the 14th century palace of Doge Dandolo’s family. Dress is costume, but don’t worry if you don’t have any. During carnivale time, atelier C.C.I. will be located in the Hotel Danieli to assist you with their range of costumes, masks, hats, wigs and accessories from as early as the 16th century.
  • Moon Masquerade at the Luna Hotel Baglioni
    An event by the Luna Hotel Baglioni. The evening starts with cocktails and canapés and while enjoying cocktails, guests will be treated to a performance of “Il Trovatore”. This is followed by a buffet dinner, music and dancing.
  • Gala Dinner and Ball Carnival Dream at the Dandolo Palace (Hotel Monaco & Gran Canal)
  • The Serenissima Gran Ball in the 14th century Palazzo Pesaro Papafava
  • Carnival Opening Ceremony at 21:00 at the Piazza San Marco. This is a free event.
  • Diner Dansante “Le Menuet” – another event by the Hotel Danieli.
Venice Carnevale

Venice Carnevale

Origin of Carnevale

With all the partying, feasting and revelry around Venice, it’s easy to forget that carnevale has its main roots in the religious calendar and starts two Fridays before the eve of Ash Wednesday annually.  Some believe that ‘carne vale’ has its origins in Latin, meaning ‘farewell to meat’, while others believe it is the Italian phrase ‘carne levare’, meaning ‘to remove meat’. Whichever belief, the idea was that carnevale was a way of using up rich foods and meat just before Lent. During the forty days of fasting in Lent no rich foods, fats, dairy, meat or sugar should be consumed, and no parties or other celebrations could take place. So in preparation for the solemn Lent period, the whole community would get together, have a huge party and drink and be merry!

If you’re planning on experiencing Carnevale and haven’t yet booked your accommodation, don’t leave it to the last minute. Most of the popular grand canal hotels may already booked out but you’ll still be able to find rooms elsewhere.

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