Secret Santa Goes Global

Have a little fun this Christmas plus be part of a new World Record for the Biggest Global Secret Santa in history. For as little as £9 (packing and postage included) you can take part in Firebox’s Global Secret Santa.

Unlike your office Secret Santa, not only are you guaranteed to get a gift back in return, but because the gift is from Firebox it won’t be anything embarassing or nasty.

How Secret Santa works

To take part simply choose one or several Christmas gifts from Firefox’s range of Secret Santa products and add your own personal message. Firebox’s team of elves will then deliver it to another random participant of the Global Secret Santa somewhere in the world.

The recipient of your Secret Santa gift could be a bloke in Bhutan, an eskimo in Alaska or a babe in Bolton. Before you can sing ‘while shepherds washed their socks’ you’ll receive a mystery gift straight back from another participant of the Global Secret Santa phenomenon.

You can include your email address or a link to your Facebook page so the lucky recipient can send you a nice festive message back!  Who knows, you may well find a new friend in the most obscure part of the world!

So, don’t delay, join in and spread the love. ‘Tis the season to go global!

Looking for Interesting Gifts for Christmas?

Firebox is home to some of the quirkiest, most unique gifts, gadgets and toys, and many are UK firsts or UK exclusives.

This year’s best-selling and innovative products include the ever-popular Slanket, Baconnaise, and the Lucky Voice Karaoke Party Box. Also popular is the Mystery Box, a box filled with a random selection of Firebox gifts, starting at £19.95!

Firebox also stocks weird and wonderful sweets, such as the Insectillix Lolly, American candy and chocolate pizzas. Customer loyalty is strong at Firebox, with people submitting their own reviews, photos and videos of products they’ve bought and enjoyed.

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