Free Disney ticket with your cheap Paris flight booking!

Springtime in Paris has never been cheaper for British travellers.  I stumbled upon’s specials to Paris where one-way tickets were a ridiculous GBP 35, plus taxes.  On top of that, people who book Paris flights during the offer period will receive a FREE Disney ticket, plus other deals.  The one-day Disney pass costs Euro 53 so that’s a saving of Euro 53.  If the offer is tempting, you’ll need to act quick as the offer is for a limited period only.  I did see low Paris fares from London departures, but they seem to have disappeared.  Departures from Manchester, Southhampton, Exeter, Glasgow and Wales are showing as available.

Eiffel Tower, Paris

Eiffel Tower, Paris

And for your stay in Paris, there are some really good hotel deals available as well.  Some of the hotels  in the city centre cost as little as Euro 80 for a room, depending on date of stay.

To help you find the cheapest hotel deal available, our Comparison Hotel Guide  can do all the legwork for you in a matter of seconds.  Just enter your city destination, date of stay and the Hotel Guide will sift through hundreds of hotels, compare the various on-line booking sites and tell you who has the best deals.  You’ll see that prices can vary quite a bit between the different providers.

With all the discount deals you should read the terms and conditions carefully before booking.  With some of these cheap offers there may be penalties for date changes or cancellations.  It’s a case of  Buyer Beware!

Good Luck!

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