Things to do in Yalta – Cable car ride

When we were doing our trip out to Livadia Palace, we saw these colourful cable cars criss-crossing each other in the skyline.  We subsequently found out that the base station was just opposite from where our boat was moored. We were warned that these chairlifts don’t stop at all and you have to hop on board whilst it is moving.  So for those who are not fast on their feet, it was not recommended.
Cable car ride, Yalta

Cable car ride, Yalta

The station is on vul Kirova which is off nab Lenina 17.  A large chairlift sign near the staircase point to the direction of the base station. The return trip costs 20 uah and there are plenty of red, blue and green chairlifts going up and down.   They operate from 11 a.m. and normally stop at 5:00 p.m., but during the months of July and August they run till 11:00 p.m.

Hopping on the cable car

Hopping on the cable car

I hopped onto the moving chairlift and Tony followed suit.  We very quickly found out how tight the space was and two average sized people fits in nicely, however for bigger people, it would be better to take one chairlift each.  The chairlift door opens inwards and once you got in you had to quickly squeeze behind the door to allow the next person to get on. With Tony’s large camera bag, it was a big tricky to start with.  It would have been much easier if the door opened outwards.  A small latch secures the door, but looking at how flimsy it was, we decided that it was not a good idea to lean out.

The chairlift takes you over rooftops to Darsan and along the way you have great views of the Bay area and unfortunately for the houses below, you look into people’s backyards as well.  The ride took about twenty minutes each way and we thoroughly enjoyed it.


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