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London EyeWhen you travel to England, the main thing to remember is that although there are a tremendous number of interesting things to see and experience, distances are relatively short. This means that it's quite possible to make quick detours "off-course" (or even across the country) without wrecking your tour schedule.

The tour route below encompasses most of the tourist attractions covered by commercial Europe tours of England and Wales, and I've added a few areas that are not visited but should be, like Robin Hood's Bay and Great Tew.

However, it would take at least 21 days to do this and that does not allow for much rest (and excludes London). So the real question is whether you want to concentrate more on a particular area, eg the South, or take a "highlights view" of the lot. As you'll notice, tour companies don't tell you what you're missing as they drive past, so it's up to you to decide which tour offers you the most attractive options.

Note: links to the towns go to photo albums on the TravelSignposts website

London - Oxford - Great Tew - Banbury - Bladon - Blenheim - Stratford - Coventry - Warwick - Wedgewood - Belvoir Castle - York - Castle Howard - Scarborough - Robin Hood's Bay - Whitby - Durham - Carlisle (Hadrian's Wall) - Grasmere (Lake District, Windermere) - Buxton (Peak District, Haddon Hall) - Chester - Conwy - Llanfair/Anglesey - Carnafn - Betsw-y-coed (Snowdonia) - Llangollen - Brecon - Caerphilly - Cardiff - Tintern Abbey - Bath - Cheddar Gorge - Glastonbury - Dunster - Lynmouth - Okehampton - Tavistock - Widdecombe in the Moor (Dartmoor) - Plymouth - St Ives - Lands End - St Michael's Mount - Plymouth - Buckfast Abbey - Torquay - Honiton - Cerne Abbas - Stonehenge - Salisbury - Winchester - Southampton - Isle of Wight - Arundel - Brighton - Tunbridge Wells - Leeds Castle - Canterbury - Hever Castle - London

Don't know where a place is? Try this zoomable Google map:

Use the interactive map of England and Wales below to find places, plan your trip and gather information about destinations in the countries that interest you.

You can view the map as a

  • satellite photo (as it is when you arrive on the page),
  • road map, or
  • terrain map (see hills and valleys).

Just select from the buttons in the top right hand corner of the map.

How to move about this map of England and Wales:

  • Zoom in or out by clicking on the plus and minus signs in the navigation buttons at the top left. More detail appears (like city and street names) the closer you zoom in.
  • Move the map to see a new area by left clicking on the map and dragging it in your chosen direction, or use the arrow keys in the navigation buttons at the top left to pan up or down and left or right.

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