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Food in England and Wales has come a long way since 1950...

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Food in England and Wales: look out for these traditional specialities!

Traditional Roast Beef and Yorkshire PuddingTraditional Food in England and Wales? OK, so for many of you this may appear a contender for the world's shortest/most uninteresting webpage but read on, you may be surprised!

(Or you can go straight to my page giving my favourite Traditional English Food Specialities: look out for them!)

"On the Continent people have good food; in England people have good table manners."
George Mikes, British author, How to be an Alien (1946)

Indian foodEnglish cooking has come a long way since the horror days of the 1950's and 60's, thanks in no small way to an influx of immigrants (it can now be reasonably argued that some of the finest Indian food in the world is to be found in the UK), the increased popularity of foreign holiday travel and the rise of the European Economic Community, into which Britain had to be dragged screaming but which has brought a more open attitude to continental influences and cuisines.

However, first a warning. Although good food of many different cuisines is to be found in the UK, and the top restaurants are the equal of any in the world, in my experience there is a distinct lack of second or third tier restaurants serving the quality of food you can expect in other European countries. Too often it is bland, greasy and unimaginative, and the trouble is when you are on a touring holiday these are the levels of restaurants in which you often find yourself eating.

But the good news is that there ARE excellent medium price restaurants around, you just have to take a little care in finding them (ask at the hotel, I've had some surprisingly good tips from staff at receptions). Just don't necessarily expect to be able to wander around any corner and get great food from a funky little bistro, you'll be disappointed.

Ploughman's LunchOn the other hand, there's always the local pub!

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I refer to Helen Gaffney's informative website on British cooking several times, it's definitely worth a visit.

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