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This surprisingly inexpensive series of Guides (only $7 apiece) will help you avoid problems on your trip to Europe and ensure you enjoy your holiday. Don't be deceived by the price, we believe in over-delivering, but frankly with this first series we've gone a bit over the top!

We're rolling them out gradually over the next few weeks. Just click on one of the ebook images to get the full details on each one.

No Hassles Guide on How To Pack For International Travel

Struggling with your packing? Having trouble getting it all in?

"Packing For Your Trip Needn't Be A Hassle!"

Valuable tips on what to pack and how to pack it in this comprehensive Report (46pp).

This Report is packed with information and how-to-do-it photos on what to take, and how to pack it.

Get more details here!

Beat the Bugs Guide to Staying Healthy on Your Trip to EuropeDon't let illness spoil your holiday abroad:

"Beat the Bugs and Stay Healthy on Your Trip to Europe!"

Stay healthy on your vacation with these valuable tips in this comprehensive Report (59pp).

This Report is packed with information on pre-trip preparation, what to take with you (and what not to take), staying healthy on your trip and what to do if you get ill.

Get more details here!

Coming soon:

" Bulletproof" Guide to Safety and Security on Your Trip to Europe
" Survival" Guide to Travelling to Europe by Air
" Bring 'em Back Alive" Guide to Capturing Killer Travel Photos
" No Sweat" Guide to Combating Excessive Perspiration in Europe's Hotspots
" First Time" Guide to My First Trip to Europe

Watch out for these as we roll them out!

Happy travelling,


Tony and Helen Page
Travel Signposts
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