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EurostarBook Eurostar rail travel from London to Paris and the Continent online and travel at high speed underwater!


Eurostar is the high-speed train (300 kph, 186 mph) service linking London, Ashford, Paris, Brussels, Lille, Avignon, Calais, Disneyland Resort Paris and the French Alps.

You can also reach over 100 more destinations across France, Belgium*, the Netherlands and Germany with Eurostar Connections. For example, Lyon can be reached in five hours from London and Marseille in seven hours. Brussels Midi is the gateway for the Netherlands and Germany with easy connections to Amsterdam (about six hours from London) and Cologne (about five hours).

They also do a Eurostar Youth Flexi Voucher

If you're not familiar with Eurostar, it's the train Tom Cruise was riding in Mission Impossible II which was pursued into the "Chunnel" (Tunnel under the English Channel) by a helicopter - not that this happens every day...!

Eurostar currently operates a fleet of 27 trains between the UK and France/Belgium. The trains are 400 metres long comprised of 18 passenger carriages and two power cars. There are 750 seats on each train, almost equivalent to capacity levels of two 747 Boeing planes. The interiors have been designed by Philippe Starck.

Eurostar has carried guide dogs on its services from London St Pancras International to Paris and Brussels since 2003. In April 2005, Eurostar began carrying other assistance dogs.

*Eurostar tickets to/from Brussels automatically include transfer to/from any Belgian station at no extra cost.

Eurostar's Most Popular Routes

  • London to Brussels in 2 hour 1 minute
  • Paris to London in 2 hours 15 minutes
  • London to Paris in 2 hours 15 minutes
  • Brussels to London in 2 hour 1 minute
  • London to Lille in 1 hour 20 minutes
  • London to Disneyland Paris in 2 hours 15 minutes
  • London to Lyon in 4 hour 43 minutes
  • London to Aix en Provence in 6 hour 17 minutes
  • London to Avignon TGV in 5 hour 52 minutes


Eurostar Train Stations

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