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Arriving and Departing Paris

Arriving by Boat or Ferry

A boat or ferry trip across the Channel takes around 95 minutes (via ferryboat); it can be slower if the weather is bad. The duration of the journey also depends on your departure point. The most crowded route is the shortest, from Dover to Calais, but other popular ferries run from Folkstone to Boulogne, and Portsmouth to Le Havre. If you're thinking "what about a Hovercraft?", the company running them, Hoverspeed, ceased operations in late 2005.

P&O European Ferries now covers the Dover Calais route. They have up to 25 sailings a day, including a night service; the crossing takes about 75 minutes.

Foot passengers should note that check-in is currently closing 45 minutes before departure.
Please allow extra time for security measures.
Please be aware that French Police National Passport checks are now carried out in Dover before you reach our vehicle check-in, please have your travel documents readily available. You may be selected for other security checks prior to check-in. Please allow sufficient time for these checks.

  • 08705 980 333
  • 0825 120 156 (0.15/min)
    0900-1800 Lundi-Vendredi
    0900-1730 Samedi
  • 070 70 77 71 (0.13 /min)
    0900-1800 Maandag-Zaterdag
    Gesloten Zondag
  • 020 201 3333
    0900-1800 Maandag-Zaterdag
  • 0180 500 9437 (0.12/min)
    0900-1800 Montag-Samstag
  • 902 02 04 61
    0900-1330 & 1600-1900 Lunes-Viernes
    0930-1300 Sabado
  •  Luxembourg - 34 20 80 82 94
    0900-1800 Lundi-Vendredi
    0900-1730 Samedi

Seafrance (23 rue Louis-le-Grand, Paris, 75002. 08-25-04-40-45, runs two ships between Dover and Calais; the ships used may change due to annual refits and operational demands. The scheduled sailing time is 70 minutes for the SeaFrance Rodin & SeaFrance Berlioz or 90 minutes for other ships.

Port security checks occur prior to check-in.  As a result, vehicles and their passengers are advised to arrive at least 1 hour before departure and foot passengers are requested to check-in at least 1 hour before scheduled sailing time. 

Dover - Calais Calais - Dover
01:15 (SeaFrance Rodin)
03:30 (SeaFrance Berlioz)
05:00 (SeaFrance Berlioz)
05:30 (SeaFrance Renoir)
06:45 (SeaFrance Renoir)
06:55 (SeaFrance Rodin)
08:15 (SeaFrance Rodin)
08:30 (SeaFrance Berlioz)
09:30 (SeaFrance Berlioz)
09:45 (SeaFrance Renoir)
10:45 (SeaFrance Renoir)
11:15 (SeaFrance Rodin)
12:15 (SeaFrance Rodin)
12:45 (SeaFrance Berlioz)
13:45 (SeaFrance Berlioz)
14:15 (SeaFrance Cezanne)
15:15 (SeaFrance Cezanne)
15:30 (SeaFrance Rodin)
16:30 (SeaFrance Rodin)
17:00 (SeaFrance Berlioz)
18:00 (SeaFrance Berlioz)
18:30 (SeaFrance Cezanne)
19:30 (SeaFrance Cezanne)
19:30 (SeaFrance Rodin)
20:30 (SeaFrance Rodin)
21:00 (SeaFrance Berlioz)
22:15 (SeaFrance Berlioz)
22:45 (SeaFrance Cezanne)
23:45 (SeaFrance Cezanne)
23:45 (SeaFrance Rodin)


Driving distances from the French ports to Paris

  • From Calais, 290 km (180 miles)
  • From Boulogne, 243 km (151 miles)
  • From Le Havre 230 km (120 miles).

The fastest routes to Paris from each port are via N43, A26, and A1 from Calais and the Channel Tunnel; via N1 from Boulogne; and via N15 from Le Havre.


Fares vary, and there are frequently special offers, eg for day returns (as low as £24) but a round-trip from Dover to Calais completed within five days costs around EUR40 for one person, EUR220 for two adults plus a car. The price doubles if the visit exceeds five days. PO currently offer:

  • Day trips from £20 return - depart and return same day
    Car and up to 9 passengers - includes taxes and surcharges
  • Any length of stay from £40 each way
    (car inclusive)
  • Latest Offers

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