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Paris: Living and Working

So you want to live and/or work in Paris? Well, if you're an EC citizen, that's a lot easier than if your a citizen of the USA or another non-EC country, but there are many considerations that apply to any would-be immigrant, temporary or permanent.

Here we provide links to detailed information that will help you in researching your move, practical advice on how to do things when you're there, and information on help and contacts you can find in the Paris community, whether you're new or an old hand.

But remember, "To experience France to its fullest, you must live it - not temporarily or in isolation, but through active exploration of its culture, people, cuisine and personality" (WICE).

Information on the Web

InTransit logoThe most comprehensive site I have found that deals with almost every aspect of relocation to France and particularly Paris for both the long and short term is InTransit Executive Relocations . This company is based in Paris and tends to be business-orientated, as you might gather from its name, but their website has an amazing amount of information that's useful for any would-be resident. There's even a section on finding work in Paris for those who don't have a job. They provide practical details on Immigration, Residency, language schools, French social security & income tax, opening bank accounts, driving in France, and vehicle administration.

Here are some examples with links to information on their site: is essentially a guide to buying french property and living in France, not particularly Paris, and seem to emphasise UK users, but they have a section called "La Vie" which provides useful practical information in fact sheets (links to print versions below). There are also plenty of contributions on the site from people actually living in France, always an eye-opener!

Transitions AbroadTransitions Abroad is the website of a magazine that has been running since 1977, and is still grounded on its timeworn and somewhat self-righteous distinction between "tourist" and "traveller" - you certainly don't want to be one of the former in their book!

However, if you can ignore the occasionally preachy aspects, there are marvellous articles and valuable material to be found on the site. It is especially strong in providing information about working and living abroad virtually anywhere at many levels.


Make contacts and make friends when you're in Paris

WICEWICE, a nonprofit anglophone volunteer-based association, provides cultural and educational programs and services to the international community in Paris.

"A congenial place to widen one's intellectual horizons as well as one's circle of friends, WICE offers newcomers to France, as well as old Paris hands, a variety of substantive and enjoyable educational programs, services, and opportunities."

Originally started by a group of American expatriate women in 1978, today WICE (Women's Institute for Continuing Education) has over 1,000 members composed of English-speaking women and men from over 35 countries. It offers hundreds of courses a year and as it has been since its beginning is run by volunteers.

WICE programs cover a wide range of courses, workshops, visits, and lectures in English on a variety of topics. Some courses meet only once while others consist of multiple sessions. Check out their current Course Catalog to see what they're running at the moment. In all, over 350 offerings are available annually.

To give you an idea, for February-March 2011 , their "Lifestyle and Culture" courses cover:

WICE, 20, boulevard du Montparnasse, 75015 Paris,
Buses 28, 82, 92
Tel: Fax:
Office Hours: Mon.-Fri., 10:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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