Visit Austria – Useful facts for your Austrian holidays

With its rich cultural heritage, exquisite landscape and attraction as a winter sporting centre, Austria attracts thousands of visitors each year who come here in search of its wonderful and unique blend of culture, nature, wine, health, sports and outdoor activities of all kinds.

Austria’s many famous citizens have also brought international fame to their country.  Blessed with so many brilliant composers like Mozart, Haydn, Strauß, Mahler, Schubert, etc. their music still dominate the world of classical music 150 – 200 years on.  Then there are the just as brilliant writers, scientists, painters, movie stars and sportsmen who have and continue to bring fame to Austria.

Austria it seems has something that every tourist wants.  As a relatively expensive country, tourists don’t come to Austria to relax or laze around.  Many come in search of music by their favourite composer or to catch some opera.   Others are interested in its imperial history or to visit its many churches, castles and palaces.

Mozart in Vienna's Stadtpark

Mozart playing in Vienna's Stadtpark

Austria’s magnificent landscape also makes this an ideal destination for cruising the Danube, walking, hiking and cycling in summer.

It is a favourite winter resort for ice-skating, skiing and cross-skiing and tobogganing and has twice been selected to host the Winter Olympic Games in 1964 and 1976 (Innsbruck).

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  1. Comment by matthew

    For me Innsbruck has to be the ultimate destination in Austria – it has great history, skiing on all sides and excellent transport connections with the rest of the region. I confess to some bias living here but it has everything!

  2. Comment by Helen

    No arguments from me. We were there at Christmas and it was one of my favorite Christmas stops. You’re lucky to be living there.

    Kind regards,

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