FIFA Women's World Cup – FIFA 2011

Germany will be staging the Finals for the Sixth FIFA Women’s World Cup from 26 June to 17 July 2011.

Germany, the host country and winner of the last competition, will open FIFA 2011 at Berlin’s Olympic Stadium. The other tournament venues are Augsburg, Bochum, Dresden, Frankfurt, Leverkusen, Mönchengladbach, Sinsheim and Wolfsburg. The semi-finals will be played in Mönchengladbach and Frankfurt while the final will kick off in Frankfurt’s World Cup Stadium.

As the FIFA 2011 schedule has been finalized, tickets have been selling quickly so if you are planning on attending any of the matches, you should order your tickets early at  Also, consider booking your World Cup accommodation early.


FIFA 2011 Schedule:

Date Location Match
26 June Berlin Germany v. Canada Berlin hotels
26 June Sinsheim Nigeria v. France Sinsheim hotels
27 June Bochum Japan v. New Zealand Bochum hotels
27 June Wolfsburg Mexico v. England Wolfsburg hotels
28 June Dresden USA v. North Korea Dresden hotels
28 June Leverkusen Columbia v. Sweden Leverkusen hotels
29 June Mönchengladbach Brazil v. Australia Mönchengladbach
29 June Augsburg Norway v. Eq. Guinea Augsburg hotels
30 June Frankfurt Germany v. Nigeria Frankfurt hotels
30 June Bochum Canada v. France Bochum hotels
01 July Leverkusen Japan v. Mexico Leverkusen hotels
01 July Dresden New Zealand v. England Dresden hotels
02 July Sinsheim USA v. Columbia Sinsheim hotels
02 July Augsburg North Korea v. Sweden Augsburg hotels
03 July Wolfsburg Brazil v. Norway Wolfsburg hotels
03 July Bochum Australia v. Eq. Guinea Bochum hotels
05 July Mönchengladbach France v. Germany Mönchengladbach
05 July Dresden Canada v. Nigeria Dresden hotels
05 July Augsburg England v. Japan Augsburg hotels
05 July Sinsheim New Zealand v. Mexico Sinsheim hotels
06 July Wolfsburg Sweden v. USA Wolfsburg hotels
06 July Bochum North Korea v. Columbia Bochum hotels
06 July Frankfurt Eq. Guinea v. Brazil Frankfurt hotels
06 July Leverkusen Australia v. Norway Leverkusen hotels


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    how can i get a list of fifa approved tour operators for 2011 womens world cup. i believe there is a special package for fans wishing to travel to germany.

  2. Comment by Helen Page

    Euro Lloyd is the Official Travel Agent of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011. You can select your own accommodation and travel package on-line at this link.

    For any queries, please email them on:

    Kind regards,

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