Travel to Paris has never been easier, or cheaper!

When Frank Sinatra sang his famous  “I Love Paris in the springtime…..” song, this old crooner knew the charms of this romantic city.  And so it seems do lots of Londoners!

Since my last post a week ago, most of the Eurostar £59 April and May weekend departures for Paris are now sold out. With Easter weekend and the May 4th and May 25th bank holidays in England, it’s great to see that the £59 return fare Eurostar deals are so sucessful.  Travel to Paris has never been easier, or cheaper, and what a fabulous destination to spend that long weekend!

Week day departures are still available in May, so don’t delay your booking if you’d like a kick off spring with a touch of French.

france_paris_0389Following are some of the May events in and around Paris:

Foire du Trône (month of May):  This is an event that the whole family can enjoy.  It’s one of the largest and oldest country fairs in France dating back to 957, when merchants met up with farmers and producers to trade grain and rice.  Nowadays the event incorporates more family entertainment, including a huge amusement park with arcades and roller coasters, as well as more traditional attractions such as a large ferris wheel, carousel rides and wandering acrobats, jugglers and fire-eaters.

Saint-Germain Jazz Festival (May 10 – 25):  Jazz up your Paris visit and swing along to the Rive Gauche where local and international musicians perform everything from electro-jazz to the blues.

Nuit des Musées (May 16):  For one night only, museums throughout France will open to the public and entry is Free. This is a great opportunity to whizz round some of the country’s finest temporary and permanent collections until 1 am.  Night visits to museums are magic and an event not to be missed!

Gastronomic Lille:  Food enthusiasts may consider hanging the expense and going a little further afield to the town of Lille.  Food features highly in Lille during the month of May.

  • On 1 May – Lille celebrates the forever popular soup dish “La Louche d’Or” or The Golden Ladle. You can participate in the celebration of this traditional dish at bistros and food stalls at the Wazemmes market.
  • From May 29 – June 7 – Marché Artisanal (formerly known as Lille aux Saveurs) takes place at Place Rihour. At this gourmet food festival you can eat to your heart’s content and sample a selection of regional specialities and produce, including cheese and charcuterie.  Try the tarte au sucre (sugar tart) or crème brûlée à la chicorée (crème brûlée with chicory).  Cheeses, crème brûlée, what else could you ask for? Wine, I suppose!

Gourmet French Food: If you’re keen on French food but don’t want to get out of Paris, you can still learn about French food by joining a walking tour.  This three hour gourmet walking tour of Paris begins at a specialty cheese shop on Boulevard Saint-Germain and visits a French bakery, pastry shop, French caterer, wine shop, cheese shop, fruit and vegetable shop and market.


For more on Paris, see our Paris Guide


  1. Comment by Melisa

    Hi! Thank you very much for the information, is good to know that the holidays in Paris are cheaper. I’m going this summer and I found a cheap flight in Twenga, but I’m still looking for a nice and cheaper hotel or B&B any ideas?

  2. Comment by Helen

    Thank you for your feedback. For your hotel search, you may wish to try the Travel Signposts Comparison Hotel Guide which allows you to set search criteria like distance from city centre, pricing, etc. It does a pricing comparison like Twenga, but this comparison guide specialises in hotels only and the database of providers is huge. Sometimes the nicer hotels may have specials that fit your budget, so you could get lucky.

    Paris is quite a spread out city and depending on how long your stay is, your actual budget, and whether you’re travelling on your own, my suggestion is to stay as close as possible to where all the key attractions are. This will allow you to go exploring during the day, come back for a break in the afternoon and then go out again in the evening to enjoy Paris’ nightlife. If your hotel is too far out, you may not feel like coming out in the evening. We tend to prefer the Left Bank around the Latin Quarter, which is a very lively area. On our hotel choices page in the above link, the Venere site provides a map which can help you choose hotels by location.

    By the way, if you’ve not been to Paris before, doing a half day city tour is always a good way to get your bearings. The people at Viator provide a great range of tours to help with your holiday planning. Also, feel free to check out our Paris Guide and also our Paris photo gallery which shows you what the places are really like.

    Happy planning and I’m sure you’ll love Paris.

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