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When to travel to San Marino, the best seasons and weather.

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When to travel to San Marino: weather and seasons

San Marino has a typically mediterranean climate with warm, sunny summers and mild to cool winters. The atmosphere is clean, typical of low mountain and hill country with sea breezes. San Marino's pleasant weather attracts a large number of tourists from different countries every year, especially during the Grand Prix weekend. The summers are sunny and warm, averaging between 20°C and 30°C. The occasional shower really only serves to makes the weather more comfortable without spoiling the experience of the country for visitors. Light to medium weighted clothing is necessary in San Marino, as well as rainwear. Take a sweater for evenings year-round.

Probably the best time to visit San Marino is from April to June or from mid-September to the end of October. During these months, the temperature is at its most pleasant. July, August and the first half of September can be hot, though breezes that come up from the ocean generally keep things cool. The summer evenings are usually cool, hence the sweater recommendation above.

If you're not a fan of Formula One racing then be sure to check the dates of the Grand Prix (usually April) at nearby Imola. During this weekend, San Marino can get quite chaotic with motor racing fans.

If you visit in the winter, San Marino is a stunning sight when covered with snow and a popular location for romantic breaks and weddings. The winters can be cold, with the possibility of snow, but temperatures are usually in the 5°C to 15°C range.

Climate in San Marino

Fahrenheit and centigrade, inches and millimetres, average values.

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Aver.
Average High
(deg F)
58.1 60.1 63.7 66.4 71.1 76.6 81.3 82.2 79.5 72.3 64.0 58.6 69.5
Average Low
(deg F)
46.8 48.2 49.8 52.0 55.4 60.1 63.3 63.9 62.6 58.3 52.2 48.0 55.0
Average Monthly Precipitation (Inches)
4.3 4.4 2.7 2.5 1.5 0.8 0.2 0.2 1.0 3.1 4.5 4.3 2.5
Average High
(deg C)
14.5 15.6 17.6 19.1 21.7 24.8 27.4 27.9 26.4 22.4 17.8 14.8 20.83
Average Low
(deg C)
8.2 9.0 9.9 11.1 13.0 15.6 17.4 17.7 17.0 14.6 11.2 8.9 12.80
Average Monthly Precipitation (mm)
110.0 111.0 69.0 64.0 39.0 21.0 5.0 6.0 26.0 80.0 114.0 108.0 62.75
Average Relative Humidity (%) 80.0 78.0 71.0 69.0 66.0 66.0 63.0 61.0 67.0 72.0 77.0 79.0 70.75

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