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Up till the 20th century, fishing, fish processing and sale of fish were the main activities of Nazaré. However, the harshness and danger of sea life have led many fishermen to seek a better life elsewhere. In the 1960s, tourism discovered the charms of Nazaré and this village has since become known to domestic holidaymakers as well as international visitors. Its natural beauty and stretches of long sandy beaches are a great attraction and annually thousands of local and foreign tourists come to enjoy it. Nazaré today is a modern and lively town enjoying the spoils of the tourism trade although it still maintains some of its traditional character. If you’re lucky, you’ll still see fishermen dressed in checked shirts and black stocking caps and fishwives wearing short skirts with several layers of petticoats drying fish on wire racks on the beach. In our Nazaré Photo Gallery, we visit Nazaré town as well as Sitio, the district on top of the hill. Read more about Nazaré HERE.