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Find a Swedish phone number, phone code or telephone directory.

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Find a Sweden Phone Number, Phone Code or Telephone Directory

Find a phone number!Whether you want to phone a house or business in Sweden, there's bound to be an online phone book or telephone directory to help you! And the same goes for mobile (cell) phones.

The country phone code for Sweden is 46. In Sweden phone numbers are still not a uniform length: area phone codes (including the leading '0') can be two, three or four digits long, with larger towns and cities having shorter area codes, but their telephone numbers still reach eight to ten digits, especially in Stockholm. Mobile (cell) phone numbers in Sweden start with 070, 072, 073, 076.

When calling any Swedish phone number from abroad, you miss off the "0" at the beginning.

Free telephone number search

White pages online directory for residential phone numbers (people) in Sweden. In Swedish but translates fine with the Google toolbar. Or put the name (or telephone/mobile number) in "Vem", optionally the city, region or zip code in "Var", then press Sök. Includes reverse search (search by number).

This is Eniro's comprehensive yellow pages phone book for Sweden - businesses, products & services only. Enter the business name or (Swedish) category in "Rubrik/företag/sökord" and press "sök".
Some results have a map link: "Karta", or you can go to MAP SEARCH

You can search the lot at once at ENIRO SUPERSEARCH

Very cool telephone directory of people and businesses in Sweden. Returns results with "similar" spelling. In Swedish, use Google toolbar to translate. You can also search Industries, Map & Traffic, Weather, Directions, Street scenes!
Under "Vad söker du?", Enter a name, company, keyword, industry or number that you're looking for, and/or under "Var?" fill in location: you can combine street name or number, city, district. Then press Hitta (find). Clicking on a result gives you more details, a local map and a street scene photo!

White pages phone directory of people and business in Sweden. In Swedish, Google will translate. Under "Find numbers and addresses of individuals and companies" ("Sök nummer och adresser till personer och företag"), fill in the name/business and/or telephone're looking for. Then press "sök".

Sweden's only comprehensive guide to decision-makers, about 1,600,000 listings, divided among 970,000 companies. In Swedish, use Google or in the search box on the left, enter the surname of a person in "Efternamn", or a company name in "Företag", and press Sök.

This is the same company that provides yellow pages for businesses in Norway and Denmark, also on this site. Find suppliers, industry, business and numbers in Sweden, Norway and Denmark: In Swedish, so Google toolbar is your friend.

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