Travelsignposts Affiliate Disclaimer

Yes, we do try to make some money here on Travelsignposts!

Hi, Tony and Helen here. People always ask us how on earth we make any money from our site, whether we get lots of free stuff, when will Tony be buying his Ferrari,etc., so in the spirit of transparency we thought we’d tell you. Although to be perfectly frank, Jeff “Amazon” Bezos and the Google Boys needn’t be looking over their shoulder for us any time soon. Or, we suspect, later.

So here goes (are you paying attention, FTC?)!

Although Travelsignposts is at the moment largely a labour of love, we do need to find some money to keep body and soul and server together, so as you’ll have noticed, we have Google AdSense ads on our site. Click on one of these and we get a few cents, and so far that’s our best earner. Sometimes people want to advertise directly on Travelsignposts, and we do offer display ads (check out our “Advertise With Us” page).

The other main way we make some money is by you guys buying through the affiliate links on Travelsignposts. There are a ton of links on this site, and some of them are affiliate links: this means if you sign up for or buy something after clicking on our link, we’ll get a commission or referral fee of some kind. Our main partners cover hotels at discounted rates and other vacation rentals, local sightseeing tours, classical concert tickets and other performances, car hire and rail travel. It’s pretty obvious which they are.

The neat thing about this is it doesn’t cost you any extra but it helps support the running of this site. We spend quite a lot on travel research each year, so every little bit helps.

Many people think we get showered with freebies by the travel industry, but unfortunately for us, this is not the case. We pay our way, and our views are our own. In any event, if anyone offered us a trip, product or whatever, we’d always disclose it fully in an honest review; we really hate those obvious puff pieces and nobody believes them anyway. We’re not that desperate!

Have we disclosed everything we’re supposed to? We hope so. If you’ve got any questions about anything we’ve mentioned, just contact us.