Vienna’s Famous New Year’s Concerts

A Classical Way to Usher in the New Year:For classical music lovers, a dream Christmas present would be some tickets to the Vienna Philharmonic New Year's Day Concert - but getting this would be a miracle!  This concert is so popular that to stand any chance of securing tickets, you must … [Read more...]

St Mauritius Church in Zermatt

St Mauritius Pfarrkirche - The Zermatt Roman Catholic Parish Church:Walking around the centre of Zermatt, the dominating tower of St Mauritius parish church is hard to miss. St. Mauritius Pfarrkirche in Zermatt is a Roman Catholic parish church. It stands in Kirchplatz, next to the Grand … [Read more...]

Grand Théâtre de Provence – Aix-en-Provence

A State-Of-The-Art Performing Arts Complex:The Grand Théâtre de Provence, Aix-en-Provence's performing arts complex, opened on 29 June 2007 with the inaugural performance of Richard Wagner's Die Walküre.The Grand Théâtre de Provence was part of a comprehensive redevelopment of … [Read more...]

Notre-Dame – The Finest of French Gothic Architecture

Notre Dame de Paris is the Official chair, of the Archbishop of Paris:Notre-Dame Cathedral was commissioned by the Bishop Maurice de Sully in 1160 when he was elected Bishop of Paris. With the strong economic and population growth in Paris and the choice of Paris as the capital of France, … [Read more...]

Sainte-Chapelle – A Gateway to Heaven

One of the greatest Architectural masterpieces:This small chapel is a masterpiece of flamboyant Gothic architecture and one of the most amazing visual experiences of Paris. Much of this is due to its stained glass windows which surround the entire upper floor.  So stunningly beautiful are its … [Read more...]

La Madeleine – a Church Dedicated to Mary Magdalene

Built as a temple to honour the glory of Napoleon's Army:La Madeleine is a church dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene, but when it was built, it was intended as a temple to honour the glory of Napoleon's army.   Its style is Neo-Classical and it was inspired by the Maison Carrée in Nimes, but  had … [Read more...]