Belts and Buckles – London Shopping

At Elliot Rhodes, Belts are a key to dressing with style and individuality:If belts and buckles are your fetish, then one store you'd want to visit on your London holidays is Elliot Rhodes.We happen upon Elliot Rhodes during our exploration of the streets of Covent Garden. Today's walk around … [Read more...]

London Shopping – London's Department Stores

You can Shop till you Drop at London's Department StoresLondon's department stores are household names in the U.K. as well as being famous the world over. Each of the large London shops has its particular branding and appeal and regular shoppers know to make a bee-line to certain stores for … [Read more...]

Where to Shop in London

London Shopping - Tips on Where to Shop in London:Hey big spenders, pack your Euros, Dollars, Dinars, Yen, Gold or whatever currency you hold and head to London. With Sterling still trundling along its recessionary journey, international visitors can indulge in some excellent-value retail … [Read more...]