Offa’s Dyke – Classic Walks Itinerary

Offa’s Dyke: Itinerary:Britain’s Offa’s Dyke route is 307 km that takes walkers along the limestone ridge, the scarp of the Cotswold Edge. A wonderful walking holiday.The walk can be done in as little as 12 days, but for a more pleasurable walking experience 15 days plus one rest day, we … [Read more...]

Monmouth Bridge – Offa’s Dyke

Monmouth Bridge on Offa's DykeOffa's Dyke Walk:  There was a gradual ascent through a series of beech-forested slopes named Quicken Tree Wood, Wyeseal Wood and Creeping Hill. . The sky remained overcast without threat of rain. Once Keith and I had reached the top, we had occasional glimpses of the … [Read more...]

Llanthony – the valley in the heart of Wales

a visit to ancient llanthony We were on the Offa's Dyke Walk. The handsome ruins of Llanthony AbbeyThe two miles to Llanthony took us a long time to walk, but eventually we could see the ruins of the famous abbey just below. The rain eased off, but we had become wary of its capricious moods and kept … [Read more...]