Tour Routes in Spain

Suggested Tour Routes to make the best of your holiday in SpainA Suggested Route around Spain Although Spain is a major tour destination in its own right, many tours combine it with Portugal and even Morocco. Such combinations inevitably miss out interesting areas. Here's a route that covers … [Read more...]

St. Martin's Church of Bladon – Oxfordshire

St. Martin's Church in Bladon - A Church Dedicated to St. Martin of Tours:Our visit to Churchill's burial place brings us to St. Martin's Church in Bladon, on the edge of Blenheim Estate in Oxfordshire. This Anglican church is best known as the burial place of the Churchill family, but it is also … [Read more...]

Assisi and St Clare

A brief detour from the Via Francigena, the 2000 km pilgrim path which joins Canterbury to Rome.We had arrived in Assisi, the home of St Francis, Italy’s patron saint, and checked into St Anthony’s Guest House.St. Anthony’s was well designed for pilgrims and travelers; a coffee machine, … [Read more...]

Le Puy to Conques: walking gear – pilgrim’s passport

Le Puy, France ON the GR65: - The next day we had a lot to do. Waking early we left the hotel in the dark to attend the 7.00 am service which would include a pilgrims’ blessing. I felt a sense of adventure as we walked up Mount Corneille and into the centre of old Le Puy looking for the Cathedral of … [Read more...]