Amsterdam Attractions – NEMO Science Centre

Nemo presents Science and Technology in a Fun way for Visitors:On any canal cruise of Amsterdam's waterways, you will come face to face with a gigantic green building jutting into the water and which looks like a ship's hull. Meet NEMO, Netherland’s largest science centre, located about 15 … [Read more...]

Amsterdam, a Diamond City

In Amsterdam, Diamonds can be a Girl's Best Friend:If Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend, then we should really get to know a little more about our best friend's qualities - the 4C's.  What's our best friend's colour, is our best friend cut like a princess, oval or pear-shape, and how heavy is … [Read more...]

Café Americain – Amsterdam’s Art Deco Grand Café

Dinner at Amsterdam's Art Deco Grand Café:Amsterdam has a number of grand cafés where you can enjoy dining in elegance and on our one free night in Amsterdam, we chose to dine at Café Americain, the oldest of the grand cafés in this city.Café Americain is one of the restaurants of the … [Read more...]