Anyone for Haggis? – Scotland

DAY 4 – This afternoon we crossed the Grampian Mountains for our hotel in Newtonmore. Newtonmore is home base for the The Cairngorms National ParkMacPherson clan.  For those in the know, it is also the central location for the hit television series ‘Monarch of the Glen’.  Newtonmore is situated in Britain’s largest National Park -The Cairngorms. 

Our stay tonight is at the Highlander, a family-operated hotel.  To me, it was more like a motel.  The thing that stuck in my mind was the wet bathroom.  I can’t understand why they’d have a wet bathroom, especially in a cold Haggisclimate, and to us it was a bit of a pain.

This evening our Highlight Dinner included haggis, accompanied by a bagpipe performance.  The Strathspey Pipe Band provided the fanfare for the serving of haggis.

Strathspey pipe bandHaggis is one of those dishes that is either loved or reviled.  Although I don’t know anything about what it actually tastes like, the fact that it’s made from stuffed intestines and offal and the description of how it’s made sounds rather horrific and I looked at the dish with deep suspicion.  Luckily, being a vegetarian, I was able to politely decline the dish. 

Newtonmore offers quiet and relaxing walks in the hills and glens.


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