Category: Things to See – Oxford

February 7, 2008

Radcliffe Camera – Oxford University – Oxford, England

Radcliffe Camera (camera meaning room in French), Oxford’s most distinctive building was constructed between 1737-1749 with funds bequeathed  by Dr. John Radcliffe, a physician.   The building was originally intended to house a new …

February 6, 2008

Oxford University's Sheldonian Theatre – Oxford, England

The Sheldonian Theatre was the first building designed by Christopher Wren between 1664 and 1669. It was funded by Gilbert Sheldon, Archbishop of Canterbury and Chancellor of the University….

February 5, 2008

Bridge of Sighs – Oxford, England

It’s so bizzare to see a “Bridge of Sighs” in Oxford, given the history behind the original version in Venice.  Who are the prisoners here and what are their lamentations and sighs about in Oxford?…

February 4, 2008

Ashmolean Museum – Oxford, England

If museums are your scene, a visit to the Ashmolean Museum is a must. Outside of London, Ashmolean is considered to be one of the best of British museums….

February 3, 2008

Oxford University – Oxford city, England

Oxford is world renowned for its prestigious and exclusive university, but you needn’t been a scholar to appreciate this beautiful city.  …