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May 12, 2009

River cruise | Choosing your Europe river cruise

River cruise season is here again and if you’re still undecided on whether to do a river cruise, it’s not too late!  Before the world was turned topsy-turvy by this economic downturn, it would have been impossible to …

April 9, 2008

Increased Demand for European Cruises

Filed under: Cruising,European River Cruise - 09 Apr 2008

It’s the time of year when would be travellers are planning and booking their holidays for the year and it’s not surprising to see an increase in travel ads, all beckoning you to drop down tools because you’d …

March 8, 2008

Barge Cruising: Canal du Midi, France

Nick and Sandy provided instructions on how to fly to Carcassonne from London.  However, a more novel and stylish way to arrive could be on your own barge on the Canal du Midi.  You can charter a whole barge, …

January 21, 2008

European River Cruise – Rhine Getaway

Filed under: European River Cruise - 21 Jan 2008

River cruising is a very romantic and intimate way to travel and see the world and if you’ve been on a European river cruise, you’ll understand exactly what I mean.   Just a cruise down the Rhine will take …

January 17, 2008

European River Cruises – Key Attractions

Filed under: European River Cruise - 17 Jan 2008

River cruises are fast overtaking coach tours as a travel choice for those travellers wishing to go on organized tours.  This part of the

January 16, 2008

European River Cruising

Filed under: European River Cruise - 16 Jan 2008

If anyone needs convincing that the popularity of European river cruises is spreading like wildfire, just see some of the news releases:…

July 31, 2007

Farewell Dinner – European River Cruise

Filed under: European River Cruise - 31 Jul 2007

It’s always very sad when a holiday comes to an end and you have to bid farewell to the nice people you met on the cruise, the ship’s crew included. …

July 29, 2007

Sights of Budapest – European River Cruise

Filed under: European River Cruise - 29 Jul 2007

A stop at the Fishermen’s Bastion is considered an absolute must and so this was the first stop of our city tour. From here, you’ll …

July 28, 2007

Budapest Central Market – European River Cruise

Filed under: European River Cruise - 28 Jul 2007

It’s Saturday morning and we arrived at Budapest at about 10 a.m.  The natives were getting a bit restless for shopping and we were told that the Central Market is opened up till lunch time only.  So the program …

July 27, 2007

Bratislava – European River Cruise

Filed under: European River Cruise - 27 Jul 2007

This was a new destination for us and we didn’t quite know what to expect.  Our first visit this morning was at Bratislava Castle which locals call the “upside down table” due to the four towers. The castle now …

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