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July 24, 2009

"United Breaks Guitars" …

Filed under: Travel Tips - 24 Jul 2009

Air travellers who’ve had their property damaged by airlines or been frustrated in their dealings with impenetrable airline bureaucracy will enjoy watching these YouTube videos.

Watch Dave Carroll’s response after a year of pursuing his complaint …

April 23, 2009

Free Disney ticket with your cheap Paris flight booking!

Filed under: Paris,Travel Tips - 23 Apr 2009

Springtime in Paris has never been cheaper for British travellers.  I stumbled upon’s specials to Paris where one-way tickets were a ridiculous GBP 35, plus taxes.  On top of that, people who book Paris flights …

April 16, 2009

Finding the right Hotel for your Europe holiday

Filed under: Europe General,Travel Tips - 16 Apr 2009

A very important part of any holiday planning is making sure that you have a nice place to stay at your destination.  Unless you have buckets of money, then finding the right place and at the right price …

March 31, 2009

Eurostar: Bargain fares to the Continent

Filed under: Europe General,Travel Tips - 31 Mar 2009

Eurostar is celebrating the 6th anniversay of its £59 return fare* special to the Continent. So if you’re in London and planning a trip to the Paris or Brussels, this is your big opportunity to take …

November 25, 2008

Trafalgar Square & Charing Cross Hotels – New Year's Eve stay

Filed under: London,Travel Tips - 25 Nov 2008

London is a popular destination for New Year’s Eve celebrations, especially amongst the younger crowd.  It’s New Year’s Eve fireworks and countdown to the New Year are world famous and London is now firmly established as one of …

November 19, 2008

Best Western Mostyn Hotel, London – Hotel Review

Filed under: London,Travel Tips - 19 Nov 2008

London is an expensive city when it comes to finding good central hotel accommodation and this is especially so when your home currency is at a huge discount to the British Pound.
A Lucky Find at the Mostyn Hotel
You can sometimes …

November 12, 2008

River Cruising for people who use wheelchairs – Europe

Filed under: River Cruising - Europe,Travel Tips - 12 Nov 2008

One of our readers suggested that we consider providing information about river cruising for the disabled.  She was particularly interested in a cruise holiday in France and has not been able to find ships that accommodate …

September 24, 2008

Londonskaya Hotel – Money exchange in Odessa, Ukraine

We were on a mission to get some Ukrainian hryvnia this morning and our guide brought us to the Londonskaya Hotel on Primorsky Boulevard.  Did other people wonder, as I did, as to why we would change money …

September 8, 2008

Airport transfers in Odessa and Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine

Filed under: Odessa - Ukraine,Travel Tips - 08 Sep 2008

Prior to our trip to the Ukraine, I was looking for information on airport formalities in Odessa and especially airport transfers. I had read that customs and immigration processes at Odessa airport can be slow and one got the …

August 31, 2008

Overnighting at London Heathrow Airport

Filed under: Britain & Ireland,Travel Tips - 31 Aug 2008

Our Malev flight to Odessa, via Budapest, departed London at 7:50 a.m.  We had to spend a night at an hotel in Heathrow and the only hotel that is within the Heathrow Airport terminals is the Hilton.  Much …

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