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There’s no better way to have an exciting bird’s eye view of London than to go on a ride on the London Eye. Situated on the south bank of the Thames, the London Eye was built in 2000 as part of London’s millenium celebrations. Planning permission for the wheel was initially intended for five years only, but the popularity and quick success of this giant bicycle wheel amongst locals and visitors has allowed this to become a permanent fixture.

The City of London now has a giant structure to match the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Empire State Building in New York.

London's giant bicycle wheel

London's giant bicycle wheel

Interesting Facts about the London Eye

The London Eye was the vision of husband and wife architects David Marks and Julia Barfield. The first sketchings of the London Eye were cooked up’ on their kitchen table in 1993. The concept of the London Eye was originally entered in a competition for a millennium landmark. The competition was scrapped, with no winners!

The architects were passionate about creating something “uplifting – something that would delight…”. The pursuit of their dreams soon attracted the attention of the London press.  British Airways saw the dream and subsequently became a partner and their inspiration to create a new and exciting way to see their capital city took flight.

The London Eye is the largest observation wheel ever built. It is the only cantilevered structure of its kind in the world. It is 135-m high and has 32 capsules which carry 25 people each. The Eye moves continuously and slowly enough that people can board without it stopping. On a clear day, you’ll get a sweeping view of London in all directions and as far as the countryside and hills beyond.

The London Eye gets very busy on weekends, school holidays and public holidays. Advance bookings are recommended and their Fast Track tickets allow you to skip the queue, and check in just 15 minutes before your flight.

London Eye Private Capsule for Two can also be hired for that special occasion, with champagne included.

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