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Cannaregio: Venice Hotel Accommodation Guide

Cannaregio, Venice

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Places to see in Cannaregio

The Tourist Board of Venice recommends quite a few places to see in Cannaregio

Church of Santa Maria di Nazareth o dei Carmelitani Scalzi (Barefoot Carmelites)
This church was built in 1660 from a design by Baldassarre Longhena. The grandiose façade was created by Giuseppe Sardi. The first chapel of the right-hand nave has a vault frescoed by G.B.Tiepolo.

The term 'ghetto' derives from the foundries that were found in the area in which the metal was 'gettato' or smelted. In 1509 it became the part of the city that was reserved for the Jews. They built their 'schole' or synagogues here. the first one was the Schola Tedesca (German Synagogue), which was built in 1528. It was followed by the Schola Canton and the Schola Italiana. The Schola Spagnola was rebuilt by Baldassarre Longhena. The German synagogue houses the museum of Jewish art and contains many fine religious exhibits.

Square and Church of San Geremia
The church houses the relics of Saint Lucia. The relics were previously housed in the church of Santa Lucia which has since been demolished.

Mastelli Palace
A very picturesque area with the near Campo dei Mori and palazzo Mastelli, also known as palazzo del Cammello because of the stone bas-relief on the façade overlooking the canal. The thirteenth century statues at the corners of the building commemorate three Arab merchants brothers known as Mastelli.

Palazzo Labia
This palace was built at the end of the seventeenth century by the Labias, a family of rich Catalan merchants. The inside is decorated with frescoes by Tiepolo. It is now headquarters of the Italian State Television.

Church of San Giobbe (1450-70)
This church has a Renaissance portal by Pietro Lombardo. Inside it is decorated with the works of Tuscan artists such as Luca della Robbia.

Church of the Madonna dell'Orto
Built towards the middle of the fourteenth centuryand first dedicated to Saint Christopher, it was later dedicated to the Virgin Mary after miraculously finding a statue of the Virgin in a nearby garden. The church is a beautiful example of Venetian Gothic and hosts works by Tintoretto and Cima da Conegliano.

Palazzo Vendramin Calergi
A fine example of Renaissance architecture. It was commissioned by the Loredans who inscribed the words 'Non nobis Domine' ('Not for our sake, Lord'), at the base of the façade. This is taken from the first verse of a psalm and was already used by the Knights Templars as a symbol of humility. The palazzo later came into the possession of the Calergi family and throught marriage into the possession of the Vendramin, which is why it has a double name. Wagner died there in 1883.

Ca' d'Oro
It was built by Marino Contarini in 1441, who used the best stonemasons of his time. It is considered the most striking example of Venetian Gothic. It has a façade with polychrome marble moulding and certain elements were overlaid with gold, which was why it was called the Ca' d'Oro. The palace at one point became the property of Baron Giorgio Franchetti who donated it to the State in 1916 and is now a museum, with works by Mantegna, paintings of Tuscan school and a beautiful collection of Renaissance bronzes.

Oratorio dei Crociferi
This is a treasure trove of works by Palma il Giovane depicting the history of the religious order of the Crociferi, which was founded in the thirtheenth century and suppressed in the seventeenth century.

Church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli
Built around 1482 from a design by Pietro Lombardo. It is a fine example of Reinassance architecture, decorated with polychrome marble and bas-reliefs of sirens and tritons , which are unusual decorations for a church. It still has the small altar-piece painted by Nicolò di Pietro.

Campiello dei Miracoli. Popular legend has it that in 1400 an extraordinary event occurred: a sacred image of the Madonna was seen weeping in a capital. The donations of the Venetians then enabled the church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli to be built.

Ponte and Fondamenta dei Mori, the famous 'Mori' ('Moors') were rich merchants who field from Morea.

Calle del Duca. The last Duke of Mantua and Monferrato, Ferdinando Carlo Gonzaga, fled to Venice after being accused of embezzlement.

Sotoportego and Corte del Milion. Marco Polo's house probably stood here. The name 'Milion' comes from the title of his book.

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