Arriving and Departing Venice

Venice Transportation Choices

A car ferry on the Grand Canal in Venice Follow Me on Pinterest

A car ferry on the Grand Canal in Venice

Arriving in Venice is different from arriving in other cities, because there are no roads in the central city area where you’ll probably be staying – hotel transfers and downtown transportation are a bit different in Venice! That said, until that last stage, things are pretty much the same as elsewhere. If you’re staying in Mestre, or are just visiting during the day, it’s still pretty easy to get into Venice’s historic centre. Follow our tips and you’ll be in St. Mark’s Square in no time!

Arriving by plane

Venice Marco Polo Airport (VCE) “reflects the uniqueness of Venice…With the city outlined on the horizon, the great windows overlooking the lagoon are an immediate and intense link with the inimitable scenery.” – Nadia Petronio

Arriving by car

If you want to give the Autostrada a miss, try the state roads / leaving your car in Mestre / parking in Venice / getting into town.

Arriving by train

Don’t get off at Venice, Mestre (unless you’re staying there!), S.Lucia (Stazione Ferroviaria Santa Lucia) is the name of Venice’s train station and it’s the end of the line.

Arriving by boat

The Cruise Ship terminal is located at the Port of Venice – Maritime Station in S.Marta. Cruise Ships offer free shuttle boat service from their dock to Piazza San Marco.

For more on public transport in Venice, see our “Getting Around Venice” pages.

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